Product Mechanism

The Hybrid Well collects water for both the systems and the valve that holds the hybrid well separates both the systems allowing clear rainwater to stream off the roof and flow through the same pipework into the trench. This entire mechanism is basically intended to reduce unnecessary hassle, material and labour investment costs by a minimum of 35%.


Product Suitability

The current dimensions and overall size of the hybrid well makes it suitable and flexible to be used in apartments and in double or triple storey houses. If a larger project than these houses and apartments is undertaken then we look forward to providing better, improved and more efficient solutions on a larger scale. Hence, our ultimate aim is to advance into ingeniously enhanced solutions without stopping the environmental drive that we initiated.

Product Recyclability

It is critical to prevent the impending crises that excessive, unrecyclable plastic is posing on our environment. An estimated 400 million tons of oil gallons are employed in the production of plastic by conventional means. Plastic in its final product forms is discarded which we decided to recycle for creating a product that serves the environment well, and we intend to create more such products in the future.


  • Using the hybrid well allows the construction of rainwater and underdrain systems on top of each other.
  • In constructing new buildings, the required excavation volume is smaller and less soil material is needed.
  • In renovation works, a single and much narrower ditch is required for the installation of the system.
  • It is environmentally friendly, keeping the existing yards and green areas almost undisturbed.


  • Original and sustainable drainage solution.
  • Compatible with all existing well covers and rainwater grids.
  • Installed on the drain well.
  • The inspection plug and tube allows the viewing and imaging of the underdrain system, also allowing the washing of drain pipes.
  • The inspection plug has been raised to a level where it prevents the flow of rainwater a from the well into the drain system.

User Guide

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