About us

Our Values

Our core values are a reflection of our vision and mission. Our values are established on a foundation so unique yet mutual to each of our clients; we are the future of sustainable water and that in itself is a foundation too concrete. We desire to grow the idea of the ‘Hybrid Well’ and persist in our efforts to maintain the water program while preserving the core concept of ‘Hybrid System’.

Consistency is the Key

We aim to constantly enhance our perception about invention by emerging with underdrain and rainwater solutions that the world has not yet visualised and experienced. We wish to further make this practice easier in ways that will promote maximum sustainability while providing a convenient, economical and advantageous end-solution to all our customers.

Investment is not all about Capitalisation

We invested all our efforts, time and resources turning our dream into a reality. Today, we do not just expect our client to exhaust their valuable assets over something that will not benefit them or be reliable for them. We are sure that the ‘Hybrid Well’ is a sustainable water solution that will not just benefit one, but all. Therefore, we do not let our consumer’s trust or investment go to waste.

Excellence is Priority

Our team is never reluctant to learn; we aim to pursue endless knowledge and so gain expertise in what we have already been doing and that is, executing the art of innovation beyond imagination. We are confident that the ‘Hybrid Well’ will last, not just in the market, but in the future world to come; and it is because of the success of this product that we are confident and eager to produce new products which could meet rainwater and underdrain concerns. There could surely be further modifications, additions, subtractions or even a replication, but what we created we are sure to let it stand out among the rest.

Our Story

We invented the Hybrid Well in 2013 which was ultimately deemed complete in 2018; the initial invention was a masterpiece of its creator’s mind – Petteri. Back in time, he was observing how an underdrain system is normally installed and he subsequently invested himself into deep thoughts considering the possibility of a solution to achieve the same purpose in a considerably less time and a friendly approach towards the environment. The thought that first appeared to him as a mere idea was then conceptualised into a reality which after years of dedication, research, investment and modifications, came into existence as the ‘Hybrid Well’.

Petteri is the mastermind behind the innovation of the Hybrid Well. He was confident and aware that his invention was going to influence the current system drastically. Considering the amount of effort and research that the project would further entail, he decided to collaborate his idea and project with a partner. Upholding and valuing a 39-year-old business experience and relation between the two of them, they both emerged as its backbone allowing the ‘Hybrid System’ to establish a reputation in the market for its operational features where it boomed to great success.

Our Belief

In between invention and elimination there’s a sustainable recourse to ‘Create Green’, for benefitting our present and a future unseen

Our Vision

A system aimed at achieving a green design of the Earth that envisages and invents comprehensive solutions and products for rainwater and underdrain systems.

Our Mission

We at Hybrid System intend to continue spreading our knowledge and innovative amenity across the globe - To relentlessly persevere the act of sustainable invention is the ultimate motive of our company. Pursuing our motive, we aim to achieve solutions that will include diversely functional pipes, distinct sized rainwater wells, underdrain wells, and other such products which will significantly exhibit an environmentally friendly and affordable approach.

Meet the Team

The Hybrid System is a team of six members that has embraced and advanced the concept of a ‘Hybrid Well’ with the determination to persist in our efforts and provide the Earth and its people with innovative, environmentally progressive and sustainable rainwater and underdrain solutions that would never cease to thrive and expand.