The Benefits of Hybrid Well

Creating a product with benefits is crucial to any company and so is to us; we invent to benefit all and not just one. Here’s a sneak peek into the benefits of installing the Hybrid Well:

Reduced excavation saves labour cost0%

Digging a narrow trench promotes greenery0%

Using recycled plastic is environmentally friendly0%

Original and sustainable drainage solution


Compatible with all existing well covers and rainwater grids


Installed on the drain well


Easy access to drain pipes


Innovation at its peak – The Hybrid Well is an original concept that is not just beneficial for installations from scratch but it is also compatible with existing well covers and rainwater grids which means it benefits renovation projects as well. Allowing rainwater and underdrain systems to be placed on top of each other, it is possible to snug all the technicalities into a single trench where the valve holding the hybrid well separates both the systems so that clear rainwater that streams off the roof can be directed through the same pipework, into the trench..

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